Aeria is one of the main locations in the game Quintessence: The Blighted Venom.


Citizen CharacteristicsEdit

Even though shown by governing figures, and Lunair herself as a vile, cold and condesending nation with a hatred for Prion , many of the citizens themselves as shown in Chapter 5 and 6, are actually quite friendly, but a bit shallow and naive

Government TypeEdit

Aeria is split in to four quaters, each of which has a duke or duchess, for example Duke Rayne is duke of the Third Quater and Lunair is the next heir to the Third Quater. The duke of the second quater is Duke Heath.

The Third QuarterEdit

The third quater is an extremely wealthy quater, where most of the wealth is inherited rather than earnt. Most citizens have large houes with there own servants as well as being undoubtedly the most shallow.

The Second QuarterEdit

The second quater is shown as one of the poorer districts in Aeria, as it is refered to by the third quater citizens in chapter 5 as "Slums", however people there still seem to posses some money as they own there own middle class type houses.

The First and Fourth QuartersEdit


Perfect Humans

The aerians, as the name suggests, think of themselves as the perfect humans. There ideology much resembles that of german nazis, which is also shown by the fact that all aerians have blonde hair as well as blue, purple or pink eyes. Lunair suggests not by only refering to Reives as a mongrel, but also saying in Chapter 1 that other nations are a disease; that the aerians do believe fully that they are the only perfect ones. This is also shown by statues and sculptures of Aerians, perhaps also showing the perfect human idealology Religion It is unknown whether or not aerians have any form of religion, as in chapter 6, during the royal wedding, no religion is mentioned and it seems like a legal and political matter, but then Duke Rayne refers to the wedding as a sacred occasion, perhaps showing that they may have some kind of belief system

Relationship with Neighboring NationsEdit

Aeria is the sworn nation of Prion, this is shown by not only the fact that there was a war between them in the past, but the fact that Lunair views the people of Prion as "Mongrels" suggests maybe most Aerians have learnt to hate them.