Dr. Neil Watts fanart.

Dr. Neil Watts is a character in Kan "Reives" Gao's fourth production To The Moon . Along with his accomplice, Dr. Eva Rosaline, he works for Sigmund Corp., a company which promises to fulfill its clients' final wishes by going through their memories and altering them in a way that the client believes his/her wish has come true.


Neil Watts is depicted as a casual, smart-ass fellow who makes fun of almost anything, much to Eva's anger. His personality is the exact opposite of Dr. Rosaline, making them a perfectly-balanced team. His jokes vary to a great degree, from introducing himself as Lorenzo von Matterhorn to simply playing with words.

Relationship with Dr. RosalineEdit

At various points in the game, it is hinted that Neil is quite attracted to Eva, to which he sometimes openly (yet casually) admits, only to be turned down by her uprightly. Neil is repeatedly seen trying to act and talk cool in front of Eva to attract her attention. Although not directly, the game does hint to a slight change in Eva's feelings towards him: in the Characters Menu, Neil's profile is changed first from his occupation to 'village idiot' and then to 'a pretty cool guy'.