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What's Freebird Games?Edit

It's a once-personal project made by Kan Gao, or commonly known as Reives, years back. The philosophy is simply: to be able to create a game that will take the player through a story in the form of an immersible interactive show. Through the efforts of his team consisting of himself, James Q. Zhang, and Kevin McCollough, they were successful in pushing the philosophy into the the games present at the moment.

At present, Freebird Games has three finished games, namely The Mirror Lied, Do You Remember My Lullaby? , To the Moon, and most recently A Bird Story being the second game to be on Steam. It also has a couple other games in the making, like Quintessence : The Blighted Venom and Finding Paradise, episode 2 of To The Moon.

Freebird Games also has a small forums community.


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