The sheriff of Guarav Town, Inspector Douglas is an utter failure in his job. His incompetence is further amplified by his coming of old age, rendering him hot-tempered as well as falsely self-confident, believing himself to be the best there was and will be. With the arrival of the Thief and his constant pillaging of the town, Douglas, continually unable to arrest the criminal, is increasingly smitten under the high pressure of his job, which leads him to resort to alcohol. Thus, little by little, his reputation is brought to question and people lose their faith and repect for him.

Relationship with Reiveir and LunairEdit

Immediately after entering Guarav Town, Reiveir and Lunair are arrested by the order of Inspector Douglas as the ones responsible for the town's pillage. Convinced that the Thief is an Aerian, Douglas accuses Lunair of being the Thief, Reivier her accomplice. Later, when Reivier offers to help Douglas find the 'real' Thief, he sets Reivier free, but watches him closely. The plan fails, and Lunair goes instead (in the from of Reivier) to search for the Thief, whom she finds outside Guarav in a camp filled with the people's goods. The two battle for a short while, before being interrupted by the civilians, whereupon the Thief flees. It is only then that Inspector Douglas is forced to admit to his false accusations grudgingly.

Winter CarnivalEdit

Inspector Douglas is also briefly seen in the Winter Carnival in chapter VIII, having lost his hat in a horror cave. Upon finding his hat, the player can choose to return it to him for several carnival tokens, or make him buy back his own hat with gold.