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The Opening Menu for The Mirror Lied

The Mirror Lied (shortened as 'TML') is the second game in the Freebird Games franchise. It is the smallest game (according to size), but it is not the shortest. The player controls a little girl named 'Leah' as she explores a house with no one else in it and no visible means of escape.

The game's ending is intentionally left rather open-ended, so as to provoke the player to think about what the game and all its various strange occurences mean. Some unexplainable person sends her emails stating that she should kill "birdy" but in the end, a bird comes for her on the roof. She uses the last bullet in her gun to kill herself leaving the bird behind.


Synopsis/Phone Calls/Emails[]

The bird landed on water.

It flew away.

Com'ere birdie.

Oh, too late.

Hi Leah.

Birdie grew wings today.

Wait for me, Leah.

Hi Leah.

It's 3:26.

Hi Leah.

Don't worry. Birdie flew away. Catch it on its way to Africa.

Sleep it off, it's not too late.

Bye, Leah.

"Leah, abandon birdie. It lies to you."

"Leah, did you see my message"

"You must kill birdie before it flies over Europe, Leah. Respond ASAP."

"It just flew over Europe. What are you doing, Leah?"

"Respond, Leah. The birdie is coming."

"We had a deal, Leah. Respond."

"I have to go. Kill the birdie at all costs. Good bye."

"Hi, Leah."

"This is birdie."

"Birdie is about to fly over you."

"Have you been drinking lots of water?"


"What are you waiting for, birdy?"


The story is about the little girl named Leah. She has a disease called "Birdie", if you played the game and looked at the house details carefully, you will notice that small things disappear. It's her disease, it makes her forgets details of her house. In the ending the bird takes her away and Leah brings out the gun she has, and shoots herself. There's also other theories like, Leah is Birdie. Or, Birdie is her life goals, as soon as she was born, you start to chase your dreams, but they keep getting further away. Watering the plant is what she does during her life to work toward her goal, and the phone calls/emails are her inner self, telling her, her dreams are not worth it and to 'kill them' . The music box/teddy are her daily comforts, and as you grow older you lose sight of the world when the continents disappear. There's also theories that Leah lives during war and her dad is out in the war while her mom got kidnapped/murdered and "Birdie" is a war plane.